• After 9th grade

– Training diploma in cooking CAP -2 years-

– Restaurant training diploma -2 years-

– Professional Baccalaureate in cooking in 3 years -organisation and culinary production

– CSR Professional Baccalaureate in 3 years -commercial catering foodservice

– STHR Baccalaureate -hotel and catering sciences and technology- 3 years after 9th grade or 2 years after 10th grade.

  • After 10th grade

– 11th STHR grade -hotel and catering sciences and technology- 2 years directly after 10th grade or 11th grade in general studies.

  • After a 2 years training diploma

– Professional cooking baccalaureate in 2 years -organisation and culinary production-

  • After the Baccalaureate

– Technical degree in Tourism.

Welcome to our School of Hotel Management and Tourism !

  • Our school offers trainings open to students after 9th grade, CAP -Training diploma, 10th or 12 grades.
  • Bridges between the different trainings offered are possible and enable every student to fulfill his or her specific professional project.

The taste for excellence !

  • Situated at the heart of a tourist region, internationally renowned, close to the Côte de granit rose (Coast of pink granite), Saint Joseph Hotel Management School offer their students, the possibility to practise their know-how, thanks to close links with high quality tourist and hotel activities.
  • In a context of excellency, our school has bound strong links and partnerships with hotel and tourist economy.

 You are invited to find more about our Hotel and Management School !

  • You are at school, levels 9th, 10th or 12th grades, come and enjoy a one day internship in our school,
  • Take part in our practice workshops so as to build and validate your professional project.
  • For more information, call (00-33) (0)2 96 46 26 00.