Photo projet éducatif

Welcome to Saint-Joseph-Bossuet !

Our school community welcome over 2,100 students from Kindergarden to technical degrees.

  • 510 pupils in our primary school,
  • 950 students in our middle school,
  • 700 students in our high school.

Our educational project ranges from

  • welcoming every student for a personal and individual education support,
  • having every student engage herself or himself, according to her or his own responsability in the school life,
  • inviting everyone to an open pastoral project with spiritual and human dimensions,
  • opening up to an international dimension,
  • educating students to an inclusive and sustainable economy,
  • initiating partnerships with the corporate world,
  • to opening up to culture, namely scientifi and artistic.

Our educational team

Our educational team cowork for the success of every individual in our community, in a spirit of solidarity.

They tend towards a teaching of high quality along with a genuine human education.